WordPress and the search engines

WordPress is considered to be very good with the search engines by most search engine optimizers but how good is it if you compare it to the biggest competitor, blogger?

Rumors have said that Google puts more weight to blogger links then to other links, I find this hard to believe. Blogger has been very spammy for quite a while and giving an unfair boost to those links would not only be counterproductive it would also badly damage the reputation of the giant among search engines.

Putting more weight to links comming from blogger is counterproductive because the main product is Google.com, not blogger. Damaging the search results in the engine (giving an unfair advantage to bloggerlinks will actually skew the whole system since weight of the links is one of the most important factors in the search result) will result in a little bit worse search results. Worse results in the serp (search engine result page) is something that Googles leaders are well aware that it can destroy a search engine. Remember that Google got where they are today because the other engines said ; a little better? our results are good enough.

How about the reputation, isn’t Googles rep pretty bad as it is? Well, in certain aspects, like the logging of what you do stuff but when it comes to their search algoritm they have a very good reputation and they are working hard to keep it. Say what you want about them but when it comes to a fair serp Google has the morals of a saint. What company would claim that someone else is more important and more trusted then the own company, expecially when your company is one of the biggest in the world. Try searching for Search Engine on Google and you’ll see that wikipedia goes first, before Google. Am I claiming they are good? No, but when it comes to their serp they have very high standards, they dont infect it with faulty weights even to boost themselves.

Blogger links does NOT get a linkboost compared to wordpress.


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