Interview with Matt Mullenweg from Akismet

Akismet is one of the best spamcatchers out there today and onWordPress has managed to get a few questions answered by Matt Mullenweg from Akismet.

In the end of 2005 Akismet started their mission to protect the blogosphere from spam and now they prevent more then 8 million spam comments every day. The success wasn’t unexpected to Matt since spam is always a threat. And we can guess that the success will continue especially if you believe Matts opinion that spamming will continue unless the economic incentives are removed.

When asked how much spam they manage to prevent the answer is,
For most folks we have accuracy rates of 99.99% or higher.

I know that I am happy for the protection Akismet gives.

Akismet is a contraction of Automattic Kismet. Our favorite definition of kismet is “Kismet (principle), the magnetic attractive force that actualizes the playing out of karma; often used in the positive sense.”


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