Making money by blogging

There are a few different ways for bloggers to actually make money on their blogs. For advertising and similar it is important to remember that ads of any kind are against the WordPress license, you need to host your blog yourself to have them.

Advertising programs

The biggest prgoram out there is Adsense, Googles text link program often called contextual ad program, which more or less matches the ads to your content. There is of course a lot of programs out there with various kind of advertising but so far Adsense has worked the best for me.

You get payed by click and the payment can be about $ .10 to $1 a click depending on what ad is displayed. Notice that Google doesnt pay until a certain amount has been earned so if you have low traffic on you site it might take a while before you get any payment.


Writing reviews of products or sites can be very rewarding, you get to speak your opinion about something and you get paid for it. generally the person paying for a review asks only for a fair review of his site or product, you don’t have to sell out. You can make about $100 for a review if your blog is a bit trusted.

Selling links

Search engine optimizers are always looking for related links to link to their sites and lots of them are prepared to pay for one. Often the value of the link gets calculated from the blogs pagerank and you can get anything from $100 a year up to maybe $1000 if your blog has very high pagerank.

Writing jobs

If you are a good writer there is a big chance that people will want to hire you for other writing jobs. A blog with lots of readers and a specialized content has a good chance of attracting customers that want you to write about your area of expertise for their sites or papers.

Selling your blog

A good blog with returning readers has a certain value, there is a big chance that someone, if approched with the idea, would like to buy it. Making blogs from scratch and selling them is hard work but the value of a good blog is not to be underestimated.


If your blog is well visited at least one of your readers will have thought; hey, I would like a t-shirt from that blog. Nowadays there are millions of t-shirt companies out there letting you design your own t-shirt for print on demand. Lots of them have automated services for payment and giving you a % on the sale.


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