Biggest swedish wordpress blog

The biggest swedish blog on wordpress is alla dessa dagar by the swedish foreign minister. It has gotten a lot of media time both inside and outside the blogosphere.¬† Many argue that govermental affairs shouldn’t be publicly presented in a blog like this without much afterthought but at the whim of the moment. Other claim that this is an extraordinary idea that the swedes as the first people in the world get a good view of the political life and the state affairs.


What makes a “fastest growing blog”

What is it that decides if a blog is fastest growing on the wordpress dashboard? Is it just the amount of text that is put in to it? Is it increase in readers? Is it incoming links? Does anyonw know?

Expand your wordpress stats

The new improved stats for wordpress gives you the possibility to check out traffic on a more precise scale. To be exact it is now possible to click on a certain day to see the statistics for that day only. Nice to have.


The something it does is take you to a page that shows the stats just for the day you clicked on so you can see your top referrers, posts, clicks, everything you see on the normal page, just expanded.

WP News 

A few wordpress optimization tricks from Jim

Jim Westergren has presented a complete guide to WordPress SEO, you can find it here.

You can learn how to get your headings look good for Google and how to implement a fully automated sitemap.

Jim is a very prominent search engine optimizer and knows his way around wordpress. It can be really useful to follow his advice.

Poker is a hot topic today

The World series of poker has taken it’s toll on the wordpress bloggers. Here are som blogposts about Poker.

See footage from the wsop from YoutubeForEverything, unsteady handcam but anyway:

Most annoying session ever, read about the horrible struggles of blogger Chum of Chance:

From PokerLife:

Hot WordPress blogs

Have you ever taken time to consider the top blogs? Here is a small presentation of todays top blogs:

The CNN political ticker

Political news blog that claim to present the latest political news. Almost only american news though.

Vista raped me

Claim to like Microsoft but are unwilling to become “Microsofts bitch”.


The personal opinions of Robert Scoble from Pretty much about Google and Facebook lately.

A Hot Mess

About music and celebrity gossip.

Elizabeth Wong

Blog about Human rights.

Straightforward humor blog

Cristiano Ronaldo

I’m sorry I can’t tell what it’s about, it’s in spanish,